The 21-Day Coding Challenge pushed participants to form a daily habit of coding with a new challenge to overcome every day for three weeks. Close to 5,000 participants registered for the 21-Day Coding Challenge with more than 600 people using JavaScript to finish all 21 days of challenges while the 21DCC was live, between Oct. 1-28.

Now that the #21DCC is concluded (you can still do the challenges but there are no more prizes), what options do you have in order to solidify those beneficial learning habits formed throughout the 21 days? Whether it's at Lighthouse Labs, or elsewhere online, we recommend a number of options and resources to build off of the skills learned during the 21-Day Coding Challenge.

Oh, and in case you missed it, make sure to check out our 21-Day Coding Challenge wrap-up blog post for all of the details of what went down during the initiative, including the sweet daily, finalist and grand prizes awarded (and winners) throughout October.

At Lighthouse Labs

Learn to Code Online Resources

If you took our advice pre-21 Day Coding Challenge, you’ll know that we have a free JavaScript Essentials course online through Thinkific. What you may have missed is that we have numerous other free learn to code resources, including HTML & CSS Essentials, iOS Essentials as well as in JavaScript Essentials II, part two to the JavaScript Essentials I course.

Part-Time Programs

Want to learn to code but don’t want to quit your day job? Our part-time programs' classes are twice a week, in the evenings (6-9 p.m.), and are an excellent option if you want to add a valuable skill like coding to your toolkit. We offer part-time programs in Web Development, iOS Development and Front-End with JavaScript in cities across the country.

Not sure which course to enroll in? For the purpose of the 21-Day Coding Challenge, the two best options are Introduction to Web Development and Introduction to Front-End with JavaScript. The Web Dev part-time program is more all-encompassing material-wise as it covers both front-end and back-end. You'll gain a better understanding of how to effectively communicate with developers, and of how web technologies work. The Introduction to Front-End with JavaScript deals strictly with front-end development, and in greater depth. In the Front-End with JS program, you'll learn how to style a website and expand your practical skills.

If you made it to day 12 of the 21-Day Coding Challenge, check your inbox for a unique code for our part-time program(s).

Full-Time Programs

The bread and butter of Lighthouse Labs are our full-time Bootcamps, both in iOS Development and Web Development, offered in various cities across the country.

Just like the part-time programs, the choice in the full-time programs comes down to what you want to get out of the program. Check out our blog post entitled "iOS Or Web Development: Which Bootcamp Should I Take?" If you want to become a professional developer, Bootcamp is the way to go.

Remember to check your inbox if you finished the 21-Day Coding Challenge for a certain registration code. And to apply to any of the programs here at Lighthouse, you can fill out an application here.


We may be coming to a city near you! Check out our events page for Demo Days, meetups, learn-to-code initiatives, hackathons, guest speakers and digital literacy events.

Other Resources

Beyond our own material, there are many online resources available to continue learning on a daily basis. For simplicity, Don Burks, our Head Instructor here at Lighthouse, offers three resources that he recommends 21-Day Coding Challenge participants pursue now that the challenge is complete.

Eloquent JavaScript

The book about JavaScript, programming and digital is available online (for free) as well as in paperback. The modern introduction to programming is split up into 21 sections and all of its example code is available online for all to use. Start by learning the basic structure of JavaScript, control structures, functions and data structures to write basic web programs, then learn how to debug before transitioning to web browsers.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean's "How To Code in JavaScript" tutorial series comprises a number of different modules like 'How To Write Comments in JavaScript,' 'How To Write Your First JavaScript Program,' 'How To Work with Strings in JavaScript' and much more, with content building upon each other. The online resource is free and can be done at your own pace depending on your familiarity with JavaScript.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy walks you through the JavaScript language and the ProcessingJS library to create fun drawings and animations. With the help of interactive videos, the tutorials are split into sections with each module consisting of an intro, lesson, challenge, various graphics and videos and a review before moving on.

And remember, if you missed this edition of the 21DCC, make sure to keep your eyes out for the next one sometime in early- to mid-2019!