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Web development bootcamp


  • 10 week coding bootcamp

    10 Week Bootcamp

  • 40 hours Full-Time Immersive

    40hrs+ Full-Time Immersive

  • 4 Week Prep Module

    4 Week Prep Module

  • 7:1 Mentor Ratio

    7:1 Mentor Ratio

The goal of our Web Development Bootcamp is to transform you into a professional developer. You’ll come to understand coding logic using popular languages and frameworks like JavaScript & Ruby on Rails, while learning how to think like a programmer by building software from the ground up. Bootcamp will provide you with mentorship, data-driven curriculum, and a top notch learning environment that will launch you into your first Junior Developer role.

What you will learn:

  • JavaScript bootcamp


    JavaScript is the universal programming language of the web, used by many and loved by all. Being comfortable with JS is essential for any modern web developer.

  • learn Node.js


    With the rise of modern JavaScript, Node.js has quickly become one of the most popular choices for building modern, scalable, and flexible web applications.

  • html css bootcamp

    HTML & CSS

    Learn to create gorgeous web pages and captivate audiences with HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

    Ruby on Rails

    This dynamic duo of language & framework is one of the most widely used and polished modern technologies for web development.

  • learn Automated Testing

    Automated Testing

    Focus on code quality and maintainability by getting comfortable with the tools, methodologies and best practices of automated testing, including test-driven development.

  • software architecture

    Software Architecture

    Become a true full-stack web developer and learn best programming practices, from good database modeling to abstraction and well-encapsulated code & modular design.

  • learn responsive design

    Responsive Design

    Create beautiful sites & web applications that scale on any device, including iOS, Android, and other major platforms.

  • learn best practices

    Best Practices

    You’ll learn how to approach problems by conquering errors and roadblocks through rapid experimentation and iterative building.

Bootcamp Curriculum.

Our curriculum was created to simulate a real developer’s job environment. You'll be exposed to industry-relevant technologies, and then immediately reinforce that knowledge by building applications & completing daily programming projects.

  • WEEK 1 & 2 JavaScript & Node.js

    While learning popular web technologies, the focus of the first two weeks is on helping you appreciate what it means to be a good developer. We want you to become a developer that knows many technologies, as well as one that has a good approach, rapid experimentation, incremental building, and sharp debugging skills.


    • JavaScript & Node.js
    • Express & JSON
    • Git & GitHub
    • Debugging & Experimentation


    • GitrDone: A command-line client application that communicates with GitHub's public API.
    • TinyApp: A bit.ly-like URL shortener.

  • WEEK 3 & 4 Front-End Development & Group Projects

    Building on the coding concepts and technologies learned in the first two weeks, the focus shifts towards front-end programming. Once you’re comfortable with HTML & CSS, we’ll introduce you to working with relational databases and SQL, which are extremely prevalent in most web applications.


    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Client-side JavaScript
    • jQuery & AJAX
    • PSQL & MongoDB


    • Tweetr: A single-page mini Twitter clone.
    • Midterm Project: Students form groups to ideate and build their first full-stack web app scratch.

  • WEEK 5 Computer Science Week

    After four weeks of intensive coding education, it’s time to catch your breath. Week 5 is completed predominantly remotely, where studies will be self directed. Using Compass, our custom learning platform (which is built and maintained by our alumni), you will be guided through a hands-on module that will help you gain a better understanding of Computer Science fundamentals that you might encounter in technical interviews or in your career as a Developer.


    • Recursion
    • Algorithm Complexity
    • Advanced Data Structures
    • Class-based Object Oriented Programming

  • WEEK 6 & 7 Preparing for Reality

    Every successful developer should be a polyglot. In reality, modern web applications need to be real-time and highly interactive. Weeks 6 & 7 are spent expanding your horizons and exposing you to a multitude of languages and paradigms.


    • Ruby & Ruby on Rails
    • React
    • WebSockets
    • Babel


    • Slackr: A Slack-like real-time chat application built using modern JavaScript tooling.
    • Jungle: Students inherit a pre-existing Ruby on Rails e-commerce application and enhance it

  • WEEK 8 & 9 Final Project & Advanced Topics

    For your final project, you'll have the opportunity to bring your own idea to life! You’ll form teams with your classmates, and collaborate to create a functional app that is presented during our monthly Demo Days.


    • Final Project: A fully-functional web app built from scratch, using a tech-stack & team of your choosing! You can see what our alumni have built on our projects page.

  • WEEK 10 Demo Week

    You’ve worked your butt off for 9 weeks and the end is finally in sight! However the final challenge is to present your final project at our Demo Day.


    • Final Project: A fully-functional web app built from scratch, using a tech-stack & team of your choosing! You can see what our alumni have built on our projects page.

Inside our Web and iOS Bootcamp Curriculums

Download our curriculum package to get an in-depth curriculum for both our Web Development Bootcamp and iOS Development Bootcamp. We will also send you our Bootcamp Prep Modules so you can start your coding journey today.

Download Curriculum Package

Project Showcase

Our students build projects as part of their final projects. They also demo them in front of the whole community on monthly basis.

Ultimatebreakout lighthouselabs

Ultimate Breakout

We wanted to build a real-time application and challenge our learning abilities by using technologies that were not covered in the bootcamp & a game fit the bill. Ultimate Breakout - (theoretically) unlimited players.

Dev clout


DevClout evaluates the coding skills and influence of developers through Github + StackOverflow, and allows them to compare their score with friends, know their rankings & see where they stand on the leaderboard.



Smoree allows you to create landing pages for your courses, manage your students, and share your knowledge with the world. It's as simple as that.



Tournamentor is a bracket management app built for E-Sports/Competitive Gaming that serves to replace large tablets and laptops.

Check out other students projects.    Student Showcase


Learn from professional developers who bring years of experience and passion for mentorship into our classroom.

  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Don Burks
    Instructor, Vancouver
    Technical Lead for Sphere, Don brings over twenty years of experience building software and teaching. He has worked for both large tech companies and startups, and also moonlights as a classical musician.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Juan Gonzalez
    Lead Instructor, Toronto
    Juan is a Software Engineer who allegedly sold his first project in 1988. Whatever language was used to develop it has been forgotten. More recently he has been an entrepreneur with a passion for all things video.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Andrew Burke
    Lead Mentor, Halifax
    Andrew has spent over 20 years as an independent developer. He enjoys doing conference presentations about history, culture, and technology. He also makes and sells mashup art of science fiction spaceships and iconic Nova Scotia scenery.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Dominic Tremblay
    Full-Time Instructor, Montreal
    After graduating in CS, Dominic co-founded Visicom Media. As an entrepreneur he devoted himself to build and market the company platform for over 10 years. Today, as an instructor and mentor, his purpose is to transfer his passion, knowledge, and experience to a new generation of developers.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Khurram Virani
    Founder & Head of Education, Vancouver
    Khurram has a strong passion for two things: coding and teaching. This is what drove him to co-found and teach at Lighthouse Labs. He is also a Partner at Functional Imperative, a boutique software agency which has hired several of his own grads. In other words, he eats his own dog food.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    David VanDusen
    Web Instructor
    David is a sort of web dev Don Quixote, helping out wherever he is needed. He has grappled with his share of technological windmills yet continues his chivalrous fight for clean, beautiful code. That said, David is a renaissance man and pursues fine arts and music in his leisure.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Hafiz Suara
    Lead Mentor
    After a rewarding career in construction project management in the Middle East, Hafiz did the web bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs. He decided to stick around afterwards first as a mentor and now as the Intro to Web instructor. When he's not coding the web, Hafiz is probably binge watching some odious series.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Joel Tannas
    Joel started programming in 2010 to automate tasks as a mechanical engineer, then ended up automating himself into a new career through Lighthouse’s Web Bootcamp. His favourite things are: refactoring code, Dungeons & Dragons, and eating shameful amounts of chocolate.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Monica Olinescu
    Monica is a senior instructor at Lighthouse Labs, who has special expertise in Ruby On Rails and AngularJS. In the past, she has worked as Lead Software Engineer for Push Science and as a private Ruby On Rails consultant.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    David Mills
    Instructor, Toronto
    David has been working as a Web and Mobile developer for the last 7 years. In that time he’s worked for a Digital Agency, where he helped build, test and launch websites for brands such as Adidas, Sleeman and McCain. Always looking for a challenge, David teaches both Web and iOS at Lighthouse!
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Fabio Neves
    Instructor, Toronto
    If you travelled back in time to 2007, you’d find Fabio working on one of the first deployments of Amazon AWS. Today he splits his time between freelancing, consulting and producing music. Fact: we keep the tools locked up when he’s around, because his love of hacking hardware has been known to void warranties.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Rafal Dittwald
    Instructor, Toronto
    Rafal studied systems engineering, but has been developing software since forever. At Lean Pixel he is a partner for the “Meta startup”, housing several different startups within it. Before that, he founded a startup, worked as a consultant developer, and then helped develop curriculum mapping software at U of Toronto.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Jon Salis
    Functional Imperative
    Jon has spent five of his ten years focusing on Ruby/Rails. He is currently the CTO of Functional Imperative where he mentors several bootcamp grads, bringing his insight as an employer to the training process. When not working on cryptocurrency projects, you can find Jon having a beer after a competitive hockey game.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Rob Jackiewicz
    Rob is a start-up veteran, and is now running his own craft beer and alcohol e-commerce business. BrewBox is like the Dollar Shave Club of craft beer! Rob is also an expert in Rails, Angular, nodeJS, Python, and DevOps.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Kowsheek Mahmood
    Kowsheek has a background in computer engineering, mathematics & philosophy. His first program was a keylogger written in C - but don't tell anyone! He's currently serving as the CTO at Vectio and is the Principal at ArchetypeTech where they love to build great products.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Nima Boscarino
    Lead Instructor, Vancouver
    Nima's main interests are web development, tech ethics, and teaching. When he's not coding he likes to volunteer with Canada Learning Code, play guitar, and look at pictures of dogs online.

You will also be supported by our awesome staff.

Our students.

At Lighthouse Labs we are looking for a rare breed: someone who is seeking an opportunity for extraordinary growth, is ready to thrive in an intense learning environment, and LOVES code.

Above all we admire:
  • passion for coding


    We believe that the best developers are passionate, lifelong learners. As for you: you see bootcamp as more than just the means to an end, and it shows in your ever-growing list of side projects.

  • aptitude for coding

    Aptitude for coding

    Some brains are just wired for coding, no matter their previous exposure or education. You think in a logical, structured way that lends itself beautifully to a career as a developer.

  • developer grit


    Becoming a developer is far from easy. Our program requires motivation, determination, hard work, and resilience. You’re goal-oriented and have a solid idea of what you want to accomplish. You get it done.

  • coding culture fit

    Culture fit

    We’re an array of personalities from every imaginable background, and the result is amazing. If you are kind, quick, and a little quirky, we will be fast friends.

In case it wasn’t clear:

No previous coding education or experience is required to attend Lighthouse Labs.

Career Services.

Career Services is how we connect our graduates with their first role as a developer. Our team will work with you to identify your unique career goals, and guide you to success.

Learn more about Career Services.
Career Services
  • Career coaching

    We’ll help you cultivate your career goals and lay out a plan of attack.

  • Interview & resume prep

    You will have endless opportunities to practice your elevator pitch and we’ll show you how to highlight your assets.

  • Introductions & networking

    Our monthly events will connect you with our ever-expanding network and their amazing opportunities.

  • Employer outreach

    The Career Services team is always reaching out to new employers, curating resumes, and arranging interviews.

programming boot camp graduates coding bootcamp graduates
programming boot camp graduates coding bootcamp graduates
programming boot camp graduates
programming boot camp graduates coding bootcamp graduates
programming boot camp graduates coding bootcamp graduates
programming boot camp graduates
programming boot camp graduates coding bootcamp graduates

Admissions Process.

Our students put their trust in us, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that everyone coming into our program is set up for success.

  • Lighthouse Labs apply online

    Apply online

    A short 5-10 minute application for you to introduce yourself, including your education and coding experience, plus your super power. You know, the important details that will help us get to know you. New cohorts fill up on a rolling basis so make sure to submit your application as soon as possible!

  • coding bootcamp interview


    Our admissions team will get in touch (quickly!) after reviewing your application and invite you for an interview. We want to meet you, show you our space and give you a chance to see the current cohort in action! This is also your opportunity to ask us anything.

  • coding bootcamp Prep Modules

    Prep Modules

    4 weeks, part-time.
    The first step to becoming a developer is laying your foundation with our Prep Modules. The 80 hours you’ll spend on completing prep will introduce the basic technologies you’ll use throughout bootcamp, including: HTML, CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, and git. You are required to complete the Prep Modules before your first day of bootcamp.

Key Dates.

Once you are accepted into a cohort, your place in the program will only be reserved once we have received your deposit. Deposits can be paid by credit card, and we are able to accept cheques, wire transfers, bank drafts, or cash for the remainder of your tuition. Your tuition is due 2 weeks before your start date.

  • When to Apply

    6-10 weeks before your intended start date.

    For bootcamp, we recommend you apply 6-10 weeks before your desired start date as our cohorts start on a rolling basis. The more time you have for prep and stretch goals, the better!

  • Prep Modules

    Length: 80 hours

    Completed at your own pace.

  • Bootcamp

    Length: 10 weeks immersive learning

  • Demo Day

    Final Week

    Present your final project to the masses!
    View past projects page here

Alumni Testimonials

    What I love about being a dev, is not just the problem solving aspect and feature creation/development, but the culture and community is such a great fit for me. It’s something that's made me realize that this my career path. This is what I'm going to do for the rest of my life.

    Previously: Lead Hand, Parker Johnson Roofing
    Now: Developer at Unbounce

    Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

    I gained the fundamentals of software engineering from university, but that doesn't teach you to be a hacker, who is good at developing a product in a fast-paced environment and is always ready to try out new technologies. This is what I learned from LHL.

    Previously: Project Manager
    Now: Software Engineer at Axiom Zen

    Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

    Not only do you leave with a new skill set under your belt, you meet a significant amount of super talented and passionate people.

    Previously: Designer
    Now: Co-Founder of Fetch

    Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

    Lighthouse Labs kickstarted my career, the curriculum is current, relevant and engaging. It was the best possible use of my time.

    Previously: .Net Developer
    Now: Developer at Retsly

    Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

    Dollars & Start Dates

    Please select a city to see pricing & start dates.

    Full Tuition Fee




    Start Dates

    * Dates are for the 10 weeks of bootcamp and do not include the prep module.

    There is also an option available for a fully on-site full-time Web Development Bootcamp.

    December 10, 2018 - March 15, 2019
    January 7, 2019 - April 12, 2019
    February 4, 2019 - May 10, 2019
    March 4 2019 | June 7, 2019
    April 1, 2019 - July 5, 2019
    April 29, 2019 - August 2, 2019

    Contact admissions for more information.


    • How much programming experience do I need to take your Bootcamp?

      No formal education is required to being admitted to Lighthouse Labs! While having some coding knowledge always helps, your background does not matter as much as a genuine interest in development and a raw determination to succeed in this challenging environment.

      If you’re interested in our bootcamp but brand new to code, our Intro to Web and iOS Development courses are a perfect way to figure out if you're ready for a career as a developer.

    • How do coding bootcamps compare to traditional education, like a Computer Science degree?

      The bootcamp educational model is built very differently from the ones you experienced in high school and/or university. Lighthouse Labs practices a flipped, immersive model of education that puts the emphasis on the development of practical skills through building real-world applications using an incremental and cumulative collection of tools and best practices.

      Lectures take up a maximum of two and a half hours in any given day, with another eight to ten hours being spent each day working in a lab setting. You can expect to introduce yourself to new concepts through readings and exercises, getting your knowledge bolstered and backfilled with lectures throughout the week. You can learn more about the bootcamp experience our blog post: So You Want To Take A Bootcamp

      It is our core belief that 80% of the learning should be done on the job and we’ve tailored every part of our program around it. Our curriculum is constantly interrupted by a community of passionate developers based off feedback from employers, students, alumni and industry trends. We won’t teach you everything about software development (that takes years of practice), but we will give you the foundation so you can continue learning in your new career as a developer as quickly as possible.

      For more details, read about our Education Philosophies or explore our Student Outcomes Report.

    • What are your graduate employment rates?

      93% of our job-seeking graduates have been hired within 120 days! You can view the complete breakdown of our employment statistics in our Student Outcomes Report.

    • Which should I learn: web development or iOS development?

      The choice between web and iOS should be based off your own personal interests and passions. When making your decision, you should weigh the benefits between the two very different development career paths, speak with both web and iOS developers, or try your hand at coding for both web and iOS to get a feel for which you prefer.

      You can also consider your personal preference for your work style. Companies often hire Web Developers into collaborative teams, where as iOS Developers are often working individually on projects. At the end of the day, pursue whichever subject you want to build your new development career on!

      To help weigh between the two options, our former General Manager Sylvia has helped break down the pros and cons of each in our blog post: iOS or Web: Which Bootcamp Should You Take

    • What is the difference between the Development Bootcamp and Development Bootcamp Onsite Prep options?

      In the Onsite Prep Bootcamp programs, you have the option to complete the first 4-week Prep Module fully onsite at our campus. This gives you a dedicated workspace surrounded by the buzz of developers and the opportunity to work through the Prep Modules without your cat settling in on your keyboard for its afternoon nap. If you select this option, there is an additional charge of $500 to secure your dedicated work space. If you prefer the Bootcamp programs without Onsite Prep, you can complete the Prep Modules from the comfort of your home with your physical presence on campus not required until day 1 of the bootcamp portion of the program. Both programs are the same in content, credential and completion time.

    • Do I get a diploma upon graduation?

      While our philosophy is based around mastery and not credentials, we do provide our Bootcamp graduates with diplomas upon graduation.